12 March 2012

[in Photos]: Weekend Bliss

 Things that made me Oh.So.Happy this weekend:
"Listen.  Listen.  I'm gonna sing somethin' to ya.  Yeah.  Yeah.  Be Quiet.  Yeah."
The name's Liam and I'll be here all night, folks.
A Friday night photo sesh with my boys!

Chocolate Layer Birthday Cake for a coworker
This hat. 
Hubs and bro-in-law in their fashionable golfing attire
Although I love asparagus alone, the bacon lured the men to eat their veggies.  And yes, they were in greasity-piggity-heaven.
Cheesy-taters.  drooooool
Crazy in Love.... still  :)
Look Ma, one sock!
Being lovey dovey with my Bubba
Mid-day naps with the Col-mister
I so wish everyone could and/or does feel as blessed as I do.

Happy Monday, Friends.



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  1. such great pics!
    xx jes


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