23 March 2012

Friday's Letters: 4.0

Well, well, well Friday-  We meet again.  What do you say we go somewhere we can have a little privacy, just me and you.  It's just that I've missed you terribly....

What a hellish week this has been you guys.  HELLISH.  I mean, I am still smiling, don't get me wrong.  But I have been on the verge of a panic attack for about 3 days now.   
Wine helped.

That said... let's play Friday's Letters with the adorable Ashley at Adventure's of Newlyweds and all of her bloggie friends!  My fav link-up!

Dear Person Who Hit My Car When I Wasn't in it (again) and Cracked my front Bumper and Chose Not to Leave a Note (again)-  What the eff, man?  Really?  I drive a Scion xD... one of the smallest cars on the road.  How hard is it to avoid hitting my car?!

Dear Ruby- Next time someone hits you and I am not there... jot down a quick description of the culprit, would ya?  kthanks!

Dear Tick that Bit my Son in the Most Awkward Spot Ever- Shame on you!  How DARE you bite my son and suck his blood.  Don't you know how precious he is?  You better be glad he doesn't have an infection from your nasty self, cause if he did, you'd be toast Mister!  Well... you are toast any way, but you get the drift.

Dear Aunt Flow- Just get it over with already.... this PMS thing is really cramping my style, literally.

Dear Hub- Can you see the little hearts floating out of my eyes when I look at you? [sigh] I just LOVE you!

Dear Raymond Ray Ray Rizzle Carey-We are here for you however you need us to be.  Just know we are thinking of you and sending you all the love and strength and HUGS we can muster.  

Dear Football Season-  Hurry up and get here!!!!  Sunday isn't as fun without you!!!

Dear Liam and Collin-  Who loves ya?  :)

Dear Friends-  Happy Weekend to you all.  I hope that everyone gets exactly what they need out of Saturday and Sunday!

I'm hoping this weekend will shift me back into Miss Happy Pants. :)

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  1. aunt flo came to visit me a day late and left two days earlier. is that tmi? hope not. anyways, i'm pretty happy with aunt flo this month. next month? i can't say just yet.

    happy ugly face laughing all weekend!
    xx jes

    1. TMI? what's that? I mean, I did mention it in the first place. and according to your post this morning, you don't know what tmi is either!! HAHA! LOVED your post, like I said. Freakin' so FUNNY!

      Have a great weekend Jes!

      Meg the Uglyfacelaugher ;)

  2. sorry you had a tough week! hopefully this weekend will be better!

  3. haha, oh my goodness! first off, love the title of your blog! I love smiling at strangers!! secondly, wine solves anything, im sure! thirdly, love that you name your car! new follower here too!!! happy friday! and yes, my lil boy has been monkey since I first set eyes on his hairy lil back and big ears:) besos!

    1. I love smiling at strangers for two reasons: 1- it's how i want to present myself. 2- reactions. Sometimes I get the person who will smile back, but mostly, people just look at me like I'm either insane or hideous. Whatevs.

      Wine wine wine. I love wine.

      And your little monkey man is so cute! I love that he had a hairy back! HAHA! My monkey, Collin, does too!

      Yay for new bloggy friends!

      Meg ;)

  4. My car's name is Ruby also : ) I love when people name their cars, it makes me feel not so weird haha

  5. unlucky about your car :( and awh this post/blog is so cute!!


  6. Hola, concisas y precisas letras van desnudando a golpe de talento le germinal pureza de este blog, si te va la palabra encadenada, la poesía, te espero en el mio,será un placer,es,
    gracias, buen día, besos afines..

  7. too funny. i laughed out loud to "dear aunt flow...." hope you had a great weekend!


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