20 March 2012

Simple Pleasures

~Holding a sip of red wine in my mouth for at least 20 seconds before I swallow it.~

~The way hub makes my coffee every morning, and makes it better than I ever could or would.~

~This picture:~

Babies in glasses.  Can it get more precious?

~Last minute invites to lunch with a friend/
Last minute invites to lunch with hub/
Two days in a row of last minute lunches.  
Heck to the YES!~

~Alone time in my car.  I have a routine I follow, and it is just so very perfect.~

~Watching Liam eat strawberry ice-cream.~

Pure determination

~A new spring/summer purse.  Although I guess this could count as a BIG thing.~

~A mid-day text from hub telling me he's thinking about me.~

~Exact change.~

~Finding an old memory card FULL of adorable pictures!!~

December 2009 (going on 3 years ago!!)
Mr. Cool
Valentines 2010
Hims was just a wittle wittle baby!!!  Liam- 1-yr.-old

 What are some of the little things that make you happy?




  1. Hello! I found your blog through a comment you left over at her new leaf. You've got such a nice space over here. Your family is beautiful and I love how honest you are (especially in the post before this!)

    The little things that make me happy include: chai/ginger tea in the morning, the lovely spring weather, and the way BOTH my cat and my dog greet me at the door when I walk in from work. :)

    1. Well thank you for taking the time to venture my way! :) I really appreciate any and all readership and praise! I will be sure to check you out as well!

      I love your little happinesses... and I especially identify with the animal love! They are such genuine beings, aren't they?

      Very nice meeting you here, and I am sure we'll cross paths often! :)



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Kindly- Meghan

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