22 March 2012

I remember....

... when putting my shoes on before leaving the house didn't require me holding a baby in one hand and pointing Liam to the door with the other- purse, car seat AND diaper bag in tow.

... when I was a phone-talker.  
Not no mo'.

... when I had those crucial dancing skillzzz.

Sookie sookie now

... when all I had to worry about was homework, riding bikes after school, and what my mom was going to make for dinner.

... when I didn't know myself.

... when I thought being "cool" meant being like everyone else.

... when I thought that being really really skinny would make my really really happy.

... when I could have sworn my parents were out to get me.

... when I had more than 7 friends.
According to Facebook, I still have over 200 friends!!!!

... when I placed more emphasis on outer beauty than inner strength.

... when I realized that inner strength had a direct effect on my appearance.

... feeling alone almost my entire life, and hating it.
Alone time, now, can I please have some?

... the way my husbands hands felt on the day we got married.

... hearing both of my boys cry for the first time.

... the very moment I began to value myself.

Isn't life funny/ironic/beautiful/precious!?

Me and my little brother Michael, circa 1987/1988.  Miss you Mike  ;)




Thank you for taking the time to read this little blog. Comments make me feel appreciated. And who doesn't like that? ;)

Kindly- Meghan

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