16 March 2012

Friday's Letters: 3.0

So many letters, so little time.   

Isn't it sad awesome that I turned everything I thought about this morning into a letter: 
"Dear shoes..." 
"Dear St. Patty's Day..." 
"Dear 3 cups of coffee that did nothing for me..."  
"Dear Poppy seed in my toof..."

I'm in full-blown blogger mode.

Dear Husband- Thank you for telling me how pretty I look every single morning before I walk out the door.  And thank you for saying "I calls it like I sees it" when I thank you for the flattery.  You are such a sweet human being.
Dear New Coral Shirt-  I'm glad I decided to finally wear you today. Thank you for the rosy reflection you are shining on my face.  With your colorful brilliance, I could have skipped the make-up today and been just fine.  Okay maybe not.  But thank you anyway.

Dear Everything Bagels-  You stink.  You saturated my car with your garlicy, onionity stench.  You leave poppy seeds in my teeth.  But I cannot resist you.  You get me every single time.  

Dear St Pat's Day- Thank you for giving my office an excuse to have a breakfast shindig this morning.  Twas a nice break from the normal routine.  On another note, I love your colors.

Dear Elderly Asian Man Power Walking on Campus This Morning and Doing the Fist Pump-  We don't know each other, but if we did, we would be best friends.  You're precious.  Thank you for making me smile.  

PS Elderly Asian Man-  Keep on keepin' on.

Dear Wine- God bless you.

Dear Feet-  You're getting special treatment this weekend.  And you need it.  BADLY.

Dear Bro-In-Law-  Thank you for buying and setting up a pedicure appointment for me this coming weekend.  Such a sweet gesture.

Dear Husband-  Tuesday with you was absolute perfection.  I can't wait to have another day with just you.

Dear Friends-  As always, HAPPY FRIGGIN' FRIDAY!
Have a wonderful, magnificent, scrumtrulescent weekend!!!

Linking up with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's Letters.  
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  1. dear meg,
    have a great weekend!!!
    xx jes

  2. LOVE your letters :) And your husband sounds like such a sweet heart :) You two are the CUTEST!

    1. Thanks Courtney B! Love getting such sweet comments! Thanks for reading! :)

  3. Ooo don't you just love an elderly Asian fist pumper in the morning? :)

    I totally think throughout the week about Friday's letters. I guess this means
    we're good bloggers?? :)

    1. Honestly, it was adorable! He was on a mission.

      And yes... I def think this validates my blogging skilzzz. ;)

      Thanks for swinging through!

      Meg ;)

  4. Dear wine = perfect!
    Dear Everything Bagel= agree...so good but now I have everythingbagel taste in my mouth :(

    1. Yes, yes, and unfortunately yes. It is a small price to pay for the chance to scarf down one of those bad boys. Kind of like having gray/purple teeth after drinking red wine. I can handle it ;)

  5. aw, the asian man you saw reminds me of a little asian man I saw doing ti chi at the beach last weekend! he could barely do the moves but he was so precious! love your letters! thanks for linking up!


    1. If I wasn't driving, I would have joined him. Seriously precious.

      Thanks for reading! Love your blog, and linking up is another reason for me to look forward to Friday's!

      Meg ;)

  6. Everything bagels get me everytime too!


Thank you for taking the time to read this little blog. Comments make me feel appreciated. And who doesn't like that? ;)

Kindly- Meghan

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