05 March 2012

Cute Baby Alert!!

Warning: This video contains a little bit of footage that some may find incredibly offensive (or painfully adorable!!).  Please proceed with caution and/or be prepared to hit the "mute" button at any point.

That's right... I am breaking one of my cardinal rules:  Do not chew loudly in your neighbors ear, as you would not want them to do the same to you. 

I hate loud chewing... a pet peeve I am sure I am not alone in.  Especially if it's something crunchy, like chips, or pretzels, or even worse, ice.  I apologize up front if it gives you the willies.  But.....

BUT!  My little Collin LOVES it when I chew in his face.  In fact, it's one of the sure-fired ways to get him smiling.  Don't ask how I discovered this!
If you're the cutest and you know it, clap your hands!!!
With that, I present you: Collin and the Incredibly Loud Crunch!!! 

(The video is cute anyway... and the crunching isn't too bad.)

Yes... I filmed this for over 4 minutes.  Yes... I am a chips-and-salsaholic.  And yes... I am insane.
 You would be too if you were running on 3 hours of sleep/night for the last 5 months!  I reserve the right to act and think like I'm out of my bloody mind!

Enjoy!  And Happy MONDAY!

Kindly and with a BIG, FAT CRUNNNNCH~


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