16 December 2009


a fleeting moment.
a chronic routine.
a precious keepsake.  
mine and yours alone.
we laze atop our deepest
of which we'll
soon fulfill.

heavy heads, powerlessly sunken,
and thankful for it.
for perfect dimples
on worn in pillows,
impossible to refuse-
a truly magnetic lure.

a television, not worth mentioning,
muffled by the affection
of body parts and
sweet whispers.
a comforter, from the knees and down,
draped aimlessly
over tangled feet and
knotted legs-

we’re a mutant for tonight.
we’re mutants.

03 December 2009

The Ghost of Guilt

The Ghost of Guilt,
It follows you ‘round
Impelling your shoulders in.
It haunts your core,
And floods your worth,
Allowing your demons to win.

Dressed in white robes
With billowing frills,
It appears to be a friend.
But it traps your trust,
And shackles your heart
Until you lose your way again.

Before you know it
Your life is not yours,
It belongs to a cloak-ed crook.
A swindler and impostor
Who fooled you to believe
It was all for your own good.

But behind the mask
Of trust and aid
Is a nasty, deceptive creature.
It has taken away
Your ability to see YOU
For all your charming features.

Instead you see you
As evil and unworthy,
As you focus on the grim.
The Ghost of Guilt
Has made you absorb
A persona that glorifies him.

You’re so far gone
You can’t see straight
And nothing is alright.
You’re so far gone
You can’t see Hope-
The Spirit of the Light.

She calls for you
She yells your name
On the knees of your heart.
“You simply have to
Choose to move on-
Create a brand new start.
Unleash this beast,
YOU have control,
The reigns are in your hands.
Cast off this burden
And set it free.
Give yourself a chance.”

And so I did,
I released the monster
That had been taunting me completely.
It was just as simple
As making a choice
To not let this devil beat me.
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