16 March 2012

From Friends to Forever

Yeah, so... the friends phase lasted for about 3 months before I couldn't take it anymore.  

I was about to go on a vacation with my family for week to the BVI's.  

Timeout-- can we just talk about the BVI's for just a second?  Most.gorgeous.place.on.EARTH.  I would sell all of my belongings and move to an island in a heartbeat if it weren't for wanting to be near family.  I would sell hand-made jewelery and Bren would be the local banker  ;)  The boys would catch fish, and we would all live in a hut and walk around barefoot all the time.  I might dread my hair.  Bren might dread his beard.  

Virgin Island Bliss
Okay.... whoa.  I am getting a leeeeetle carried away. 

Back to the story:

Bren offered to take me to the airport... at 4:30 a.m... to catch an early flight to paradise.  I think it was at that moment that I totally fell in love with him.  I remember thinking "This guy is SUCH a good person," and wondering what it would be like to have someone so kind and decent by my side.
Let's just say I had some serious douche-bags in my dating history.

The whole entire week I was in the BVI's, all I could think about was Bren.  I would be scuba diving and thinking about how I wished he were there with me.  I would be laying in my cabin at night wishing I could talk to him.  This was another HUGE sign that I was falling for this man.  Here I was in paradise, the most beautiful place on Earth, and I wanted to be elsewhere.

More Virgin Island Bliss

When I came home, he and I picked up where we left off... the friend game.

Until one night, like I said, when I got a bit of liquid courage in me and decided I would put myself out there, risk the friendship, take a chance:
I sent him a text saying::
"When I come home, I'm coming downstairs to be with you.  Leave your door unlocked."
I may have been a little more forward than that, but I'll tone it down for the purposes of this post.

As he recalls, he immediately jumped up from playing Halo 2, got into the shower, and nervously waited for me to come home for about 3 hours.
I love when he tells it from his end.  It makes me giggle!

Anyway, without going into terrible detail, he and I became a total item that night.
From then on, we were crazy in love.
And the BEST part was (is) that we were (are) still BFF's. 

Me and my BFF back when I looked like I was 90 pounds, aka- the good ol' days.
I think that is such an important aspect to having a successful romantic relationship... to be FRIENDS with the person you're in love with.  I am so thankful we have always had that.

Next Chapter: The Oh Shit, I'm Pregnant Show

coming soon  ;)




  1. thanks for your sweet comments and hair advice, meg. BVI's are really beautiful. one of my favorite vaca spots. looks like a wonderful time!


  2. You guys are completely adorable! Loving your blog. Newest reader!

    1. Thanks Danielle. Reading your sweet blog as well! :)

  3. lol! love the matching outfits! :)

    please come check out our new online jewelry shop where everything is under $20!
    Too Much Soul.com xx

    1. Right? Pink might look better on him than it does on me!!!

      I'll check out your shop for sure! Thanks for swinging through!

      Meg ;)

  4. oh my goodness LOVE LOVE LOVE the bvis! so fabulous!

    1. I cry every time I leave. I feel like I'm leaving "home."

      Thanks for reading!

      Meg :)


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