26 March 2012

[in Photos]: My Low-Key Weekend

Hub works every Saturday, so I have the entire day with my boys.  We usually get out of the house, because contrary to what some might think, it's actually a harder day to manage at home.  I would much rather be out and about, letting Liam run himself crazy at a park somewhere, getting our shopping done, giving Collin a chance to nap (because he won't at home... I mean, why would he?)

But not this weekend.  This weekend, it rained.   This forced me to STAY HOME!  And not spend money.  And instead, spend time on the couch with my babies, watching Disney movies, eating popcorn, drinking soda and dozing when I felt like it.  Saturday with my boys was so low-key and so very perfect.

Here are some of the things that made my weekend special:

Kony 2012 poster on campus.  It's starting.
Baby kissy faces
Another amazing car that I want.  Right now.
These little ditties that I made the same night I pinned them .
My zexy hub
My family!!  This is Ray and Bri, who are affectionately known at Uncle Ray and Auntie B.  Like I said, family.
If these three pictures don't make you smile, I don't know what will....

His eyes.... are INCREDIBLE!

So proud of himself!
Sqeeeeeaky clean!

Sunday Dinner- Open-Faced Steak Sandwiches via Rachael Ray
Because who doesn't have their own personalized ice cream bowl that they've had for the last 15 years of their life?
I have a leeeeeeetle obsession....

Whatever you did this weekend, I hope it was perfection!!




  1. so, at first i was going to feel bad because you said you were rained in. and then when i read that you had popcorn and disney movies and soda, i didn't really feel bad anymore because that sounds perfect to me.

    happy monday!
    xx jes

    1. It was perfection, seriously. Cars 2 and Princess and the Frog. Might have to do a repeat this Saturday!

      Have a great weekend Jes!

      Meg ;)

  2. So cute!! Maybe we can get together some Saturday at the park...Bruce usually works too!

    1. Ummm, yes we should! And I would love to come to Owen's party. Did you get my email about Liam's? We want you there!

  3. sounds like a fabulous weekend! you are all so adorable!

  4. sounds like a fun weekend! that ice cream bowl is such a gem! I love it!

    1. I cannot in good conscience let go of that ice cream bowl... ever!!! haha!

      Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

      Meg ;)

  5. Aw looks like such a fun weekend! I love how Kony is coming out early, that's awesome!!

    1. I hope no one loses sight of Kony 2012. It would be really easy to get so caught up our day to day lives and forget about it. Trying to keep that word out there... doing my part ;)

      Have a great weekend!

      Meg ;)


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