This little blog is a product of my small big life.  You can expect to see a lot of anecdotes and/or nostalgia on Smile at a Stranger.

This man right here is my handsome hub, Bren.  He’s simply the peanut to my butter.  The caramel to my latte.  The french to my fry.  Totally in love with him!

And these two little men are my prides and my joys and my greatest sources of inspiration and strength.  Liam, my oldest, is the sentimental one, and can often be heard saying “<sigh> I just MISSED you today.”  How can my days be anything but wonderful with praise like that?  Collin, the babe, is a stud muffin in the making.  He’s got that rugged side already, with a little bit of dare-devil, and a lot of sweetness.  We’re in trouble.

I am nothing without my family.  They fulfill me in endless and countless ways.  The support, encouragement and honesty that is bestowed upon me is what makes all the difference in my life. I am blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people, and I will always honor them.
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