25 January 2011

Things I Love... On the 3's

Watching my husband put on a suit

piece by piece, adjusting each component along the way.
My favorite parts are the tie and the belt.
I suppose I really just love looking at him regardless,
but there is a certain confidence about him when he's suiting up.
-shoulders back, chin up-
Just such a sexy process.
Note: I also like watching the other end of this transaction....

Jeweled rings

I love big jewels that bling up my finger.  
Since I don't enjoy having a ring on every finger, I
sometimes like to double them up like this... it adds fanciness.  
These rings in particular are rings that my momma passed down to me.  
The top one--silver and blue--was from her dad (my PopPop).
When she was a young girl, 
he used to use his breaks from work
to buy her pretty jewelry from local pawn shops.
I just love that.

Finding new music, artists, songs on Pandora

I sit at a computer 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  
And while there a certainly times that I have 
numerous projects to manage, 
my work can get quite mundane (to say the least).
If there's ever a point in my day where I feel like I've lost myself,
it is more than a likely fact that Pandora has not been on at all that day.
Case in point-- Music carries me.

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