26 January 2011

i'm sowwwie

We sit and ring our hands, thinking of ways to feel better.  What could we say?  What could we do?  We hurt someone... how can we come to terms with that?

We used our voice to intimidate and we showed them what we were made of.  Now if only we could stop thinking about it.  If only we could figure out how to move on from the anger we feel and the offense we took.

Maybe we could take it out on someone else... continue the chain of destruction.

Perhaps we could yell or scream... release some of the confusion out loud.

Maybe just try to forget about it... pack the frustration away for the next battle.

Or... we could be brave enough--- we could be big enough--- to apologize

We could choose to look at our own behavior as a contribution.  We could face ourselves and hold ourselves accountable for our part in things.

And then we could let out a collective sigh and begin again...

...with dignity and a smile.

This can be our choice.

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