10 January 2011

Keep Moving!

Around this time of year... every.year, people start making their highly anticipated New Year Resolutions.  And whilst I hear all of these magnificent objectives being averred with full intent, I also hear the same people simultaneously declare their eventual failure to see any of their resolutions into full fruition. 

"My resolution is to exercise more... but I know in two months, my running shoes will be covered in dust, hiding in the back of my closet."  

"I am going to make an effort to volunteer more... but we'll see how busy I am at work."  

Lighting a cigarette: "I'm going to quit smoking."

Don't Limit Yourself
These are all wonderful goals!  They are all things, that if acted upon, would contribute to a balanced lifestyle.  In fact, I have similar goals.  So yay!  Yay for conjuring up a few ambitions!

But BOOOO!  Boo for setting ourselves up for failure, year after year after year.

Rather than resolving to modify my lifestyle on an annual basis and watching change fly away, I have decided to look at resolution as an attitude as opposed to a goal.

And my attitude of resolution goes a little something like this:

To be better and better and better, to keep looking ahead, to strive to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be.  To embrace variance.  To love and be loved.

Endless Possibilities
I, for one, believe that once I stop setting myself up for failure, and once I make a promise to myself that life is not about yearly delusions, but rather a shift in overall attitude, that I will accomplish all that I need and want to... whenever I am supposed to.  Maybe not in 2011, or in 2019.

2042, perhaps?

But one way or another, I'll get there.  Because I know that I'm not done.  I never will be.

Keep Moving!

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