16 January 2011

Date Night Spectac-you-lar

As previously mentioned, this weekend was destined for magnificence.  I had lunch with Miss Melissa (one-of-a-kind lady), and watched the Raven's play, face off against, lose to the Steelers (grummmmmmbleeee!!!).  After watching the massacre, I put on my big girl boots and Brenny and I went out for a much needed romantic night together. 

Obviously, this was the highlight of our weekend.  We sat at the bar for a few drinks before getting a private table, and spent the rest of the evening laughing, eating, kissing and... well, enjoying each others attention. 

Without further ado, these are just a few ton of photos that capture [or at least come close to capturing] the friendship and infatuation that Bren and I continue to maintain.  

I love this man to pieces!!


Treats  :)

decor a la Benihana

Grrreat... now I'm thirsty

Kirin Ichiban

we love love

Obligitory soup

It has always and always will be like this...

self explanatory  ;)

okay so we were a little drunk... blame the goose


infectious love

The Onion Express... never gets old

Action shot

Hypocracy: Captured

He's seeeeeeeeeeerious

End of the night

Woke up at 8:00......  stayed in bed til 10:00.  Went to get brunch and coffee.  And then Bren went skeet shooting while Liam napped over Mimi and Happy's house.  
(Mimi and Happy are Bren's parents, and yes, Liam came up with those names and has NOT let go of them).  
So, while the boys were away, I had the afternoon in to me, myself and I!!!  :)

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