03 April 2012

Last Minute Party Planner

So Liam's birthday party is three weeks away (less than), and I have been tossed/shoved into the role of "party-planner."  Not that I mind planning parties...

About 2 months ago, a deal came through on Living Social that I could not resist:  A voucher for half off of a themed birthday party through the local company Oogles and Googles.  I did a little bit of research on it, including reading some reviews, and it seemed like a GREAT deal- $150 for 2 hours of party activities designed around a chosen theme (costumes included), a coordinated birthday cake, and customized invitations and thank-you cards.  In my area, you can't book a Chuck-E-Cheese party for less that $300.  

So I bought the voucher, thinking it was the perfect scenario.  

I was in contact with the woman who plans these parties, and she seemed to be really competent.  She took all of my information, asked important questions, gave honest answers, and told me she would have my invitations to me within 2-3 weeks so I could get them out to Liam's guests as soon as possible.

It's been 6 weeks, and guess who doesn't have the invitations that were promised to her?  THIS GIRL!

So I have reached out to her and asked for told her I would not rest until I got my money back.  I was nice enough about it, but at the same time, I'm not letting go of that money, honey.  

As of today, I still have not heard back from her.  

Needless to say, I DO NOT recommend this company.  What a shame.

Money aside, (and trust me lady, I'm coming to get ya), I still have a birthday party to plan.  In less than 3 weeks.  With a budget MINUS $150.  Which means one thing... it's time to DIY.

The theme is a "Superhero" party, so my initial thought was to have the kids make masks and capes.  But the more I consider that, I think it would take too long. 

So instead, they will be making their own masks, and I will be making a personalized cape for each kid before the party.

Pinterest via Apartment Therapy
How CUTE is this idea?

I definitely have my work cut out for me, but I am always up for a creative challenge.  

Any other ideas for a Superhero party for 4-year-olds?  Games?  Activities?  Food?

Any insight would be awesome!

Happy Tuesday, Friends!



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  1. wow! that sounds like a ton of work! good luck! bummer on the coupon - i hate when those things end up not working out!


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