13 April 2012

Friday's Letters 7.0

Dear blog- Please forgive me for neglecting you all week.  I can't believe I haven't done a single post.  It's not that I didn't WANT to.  You'll just have to trust me on that one.  I'm hoping you and I get to spend more time together next week.

Dear fellow bloggers- Has this ever happened to you?  I have been so busy this week that not only have I had a limited amount of free time, but in that free time, I haven't been able to come up with anything interesting to write about.  I'd call it "writer's block," or better yet "blogger's block," but it is so much more than that.  "Thinker's block," possibly.  How do you combat this if and when it has ever affected you?  I don't want to fall of the face of the blogosphere every time I have a stressful week.  Any and all suggestions would be welcome and appreciated.

Dear Hub- OMG.  All I wanted to do was curl up next to you this morning and not move.  You are so comfy.  I'm sorry I fell back asleep when you went down to make our coffee.  And thank you for sending me a text ("Get up.") to wake me back up.  It worked. 

Dear Liam- First soccer lesson this weekend!!!  Aren't you so very excited?  If not, I'm excited enough for the both of us!  I promise you'll have fun Bubs.  I can't wait to see how well you do!

Dear Collin- I see dat wittle toooof poppin' through doze wittle gumz!  I'm rootin' for ya, Monkey!

Dear 80 degree weather that is on its way- Everything is better when you're here.  Everything.  Never leave me.

Dear Mom- It was so nice spending time with you and AK last weekend.  Thank you for everything: the pictures, the lunch, the dress, the company.  I had such a good time!  You're the best!  I love you!

Dear Bri and Alex- Can't wait for a little girl time with you tonight!!!  Such a treat!  Let's pretend like there's no one else in the bar but us! 

Dear Friends- Have a wonderful weekend!  Make it just what you need.  Whatever that may be!

Linking up with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds!!  Every Friday, yo.  Every single Friday.  ;)  If you haven't yet, check her out!!!



P.S.- Here are some pictures from the week:


  1. Soooo excited to see you tonight! xo, B

    1. Can't wait!!! We actually get to hang out OUTSIDE of my house! How did we get so lucky!? ;)

      Love you!

  2. Those peppers look so good! I cannot wait for the 80 degree weather either. Enjoy the weekend :)

    1. They were good! I found them on Pinterest, like every other recipe I make now a days. Who needs cook books anymore?

      Have a good weekend, too!

      Meg ;)

  3. Oh, you have the most precious babies!! Love!

    And yes, blogger's block is unfortunately all the rage in these parts. Sometimes I just have to sit down and start writing about something, anything that's on my mind, and more often than not it'll take a direction I never expected. Sometimes you just gotta work with what you got, however small it may be.

    1. Thanks! They are precious only when they're not whining, crying, puking or... well, I'll just leave it at that. They are at their cutest when they're asleep. It's just so... peaceful.

      The only word that I could fully form this week was "Merrrp." But that may have turned into a good post. I'll have to consider that!

      Have a good weekend!! :)

  4. Hello :) Beautiful photos!! Looks like you had a lovely week! I know what you mean, last year for a few months I took a break. I just couldn't think of anything to post. I got inspired and then started up again. It's ok, I feel like I either have not enough or too much to post. Weird how that happens! xoxo

  5. I know what you mean about the blogger's block. I get it every now and then too and I just tell myself it's okay not to write something once in a while.

    PS - you totally win the award for cutest kids ever :)

  6. ohhhh yeah. good ol' bloggers block! my cure: step away from the computer. clear your mind, live a little, and boom. something will pop in your head! xoxo


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