05 April 2012

[in photos]: Journey Forward

I joined the Journey Forward series for the first time last week.
It is a perfect pairing with the vibe of Smile at a Stranger.

The goal of participating in Journey Forward is personal enrichment, self awareness, and moving toward your potential.  It is based on a central word, or theme, on which you focus your energy and attention, and blog about it weekly.

My "word" was an easy choice for me because it is an attitude I wish to impart on life in general: Kindness.

This week's Journey Forward post is about images, or graphics (i.e.- videos) that embody your chosen word; to share some of your pins from Pinterest that exemplify the significance of your word. 

This is what kindness looks (and sounds) like to me:

1- Sarah Kay- Spoken word artist.  "Hands" Listen- It's just beautiful.

2- Kindness is an animal instinct.  And an animal NEED.

3- Kindness is priceless, ya know.

4- Video- Amy Krause Rosenthal's "Thought Bubble"- asks "How Do YOU Want to be Remembered"  "What Have You Filled the World With?"

5- Because making others feel good makes ME feel good.

6- Simplicity.  Kindness is not complicated.

7- Anis Logjani- Spoken word artist.  "Shake the Dust" Another amazing person trying to lift people up with his wonderful gift with words.

8- This is what I see everyday at home with my two boys, and besides a mother's love for her children, sibling love is one of the purest forms of love (and kindness) there is.

9- Do RIGHT.  Because it's wayyyy cooler than doing wrong.

10- Parents.  And especially my mom.  From whom I learned what kindness was.

11- What Teachers Make- Taylor Mali.  Powerful stuff, y'all.  

Linking up with a fellow NoVA girl, Chelsea, for Journey Forward!  

Can't wait until next week!





  1. Your pictures definitely brought a smile to my face. Kindness is an awesome word! I hope you'll stick around for more Journey Forward posts!

  2. i love these pictures, too. definitely brought a smile to my face!!

  3. The To Do list is wonderful...I think those are all perfect examples of kindness.


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