20 April 2012

Journey Forward: Roadblocks

If life were an Olympic sport, I would be a hurdler.  For sure.  I might even be a good one.  But that did not come without practice.

In yesterdays post, I talked about my biggest ambition: getting my degree.  
It is so close I can almost feel the tassel brushing up against my cheek.  
It has not been an easy journey by any means.  Roadblocks, detours, dead ends, etc.  You name it, I faced it.  This process has really taught me a lot about resilience; it has really shown me how to apply myself despite unfavorable odds.  That's the thing about hard times: they tend to build your fortitude if you'll let them.

On my journey through living kindly, there are challenges I face on a daily basis.  

We live in a world where being critical is encouraged; a society where cynicism and sarcasm are built into our very language(s).  This is by far one of my biggest confusions while I try to put kindness and love at the forefront of my actions.  My intentions are true and pure and good, but translating that into constant kindness is way, Way, WAY easier said than done.  I find myself having a negative thought sometimes, and I really have to catch myself (if I can) before it flies out of my mouth.  I have to almost reprimand myself:
"Oh man... that's not nice, I shouldn't.  Woosah, Meg.  Woosah."
I seriously do that.  

By far, my arch-rival on the kindness-mission is traffic.  This may sound really silly, again, but I become a different person behind the wheel of my car. 
My blood pressure rises up to the tippy-top of my ear lobes and
I can literally feel a panic attack waiting in the wings of my soul. 

I have a real problem with how inconsiderate, or neglectful,  or unaware, or RECKLESS other drivers are, and my anxiety levels shoot through the roof. 
When this happens, kindness flies out my passenger side window.

It is something I am working on, but it is also something I think I need help with.
A driver's therapist?  A certain type of music?  A different route?
(Yeah right.  In Northern, Va. all routes are awful).

As I said before... challenges are a good thing.  They are healthy.  The teach you.  The build character.

But only if you let them.  

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  1. I feel like the very worst of me comes out in traffic. I can't really explain it. Good luck on your journey and if you figure out how to get past the traffic thing, let me know.

  2. oh my goodness can so so relate to the trouble with traffic situation. i HATE traffic and am seriously such a mean person then. love this post!


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