02 April 2012

Constant Liam

He is in the 90th percentile for his height and the 75th percentile for weight; a big boy!!  He's hoping that will help him make it big time in pro football someday (any team but the Steelers), but he knows that it is just as impressive (and necessary) to be smart, too.

Just a wittle baby
He is the best dancer on this side of the Mississippi, and he has a great instinct for music.  His singing voice is awesome, and even if he doesn’t quite know all the words to a song, he still gives it his all. 
I so admire his enthusiasm and passion.

Gerber Baby
He has very strong muscles… biceps, calves, abs... and he knows how to show them off too. 
 Soon, he’ll be so strong that he’ll be winning wrestling matches against his Daddy on a regular basis, while I sit by and cheer/laugh/peemypants.  He's funny too (hysterical, actually), and he loves to be the center of attention.

Being goofy with Dad
His head must be holding one of the biggest brains ever to exist.  That’s how smart he is!  And let me tell you a little secret: He’s only going to get smarter….

He can count to 100 and he’s already learning how to read.

Luckiest Momma on Earth
But those are just the basics to this guy.  Oh yes, he is far more dynamic than his muscles and good looks.  His gifts are felt... not seen.

He sees beauty in people and places.

Handsome Boy
He is kind to those who need kindness, as if he can smell their sadness.
He loves to make people feel good… just because.

Angel Face
He remembers to consider how people feel, 
and he has the uncanny ability to put himself in other people’s shoes.  
He shows sympathy, and he has empathy pumping through his veins… innately.

BIG smiles!!!
He KNOWS himself, and what’s even cooler is that he loves himself, 
And this rubs off on those around him. 
I hope he keeps that… there’s no reason to ever let that go.

Loving life!
He’s a dreamer, and he’s not afraid to dream big.  

He knows what fairness is, and not only does he give it freely and equally, 
but he expects it in return... because he knows he deserves it.

He is the BEST brother in the whole world.  

He cherishes his family and friends, and knows what a true relationship looks like.

Holding his baby brother for the first time
He exudes pure joy and patience for and to everyone he knows.
 He’s a lover boy. 
He is pure brilliance.

Loving on Collin
He is my son.

I could not be more proud of him, and I love everything about him.

This is constant Liam
Constant Liam-
I could never have imagined that my son would be my greatest teacher.  
I never thought it was possible to have so much love for one person.
But it is more than possible… it is my reality. 

You have taught me forgiveness, 
honesty, gentleness, 
simplicity, sincerity,
and so much more.
You continue to teach me daily.
  Thank you for unknowingly 
setting such an amazing example for me.

I fully believe you are a living angel, 
and when I look at you, 
when I hold your hand, 
when I hug and kiss you, 
I hope you feel fully loved.
Because my dear, you are.

Stay steady, Constant Liam.  

Happy Birthday!!!

I love you-



  1. this is so cute! and i hope he becomes a big footballer (even if it's for the steelers) ;)
    xx jes

  2. Sooooo cute!! I can't wait til my Lil guy is big like that (even though I'm holding on to every little moment)



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