22 December 2010

Indicative Clutter

(1,2,3) Three bags sit outside of my master bathroom.  All are filled with clothes that I plan on donating to the Good Will.  I know... a very philanthropic gesture; one that I believe firmly in. 

It's a problem, however, when they have been sitting there for over 4 months, serving absolutely no purpose... collecting dust-balls and hair.  Ew!!

I mean, seriously?  What the heck is wrong with me?  I spent so much time raking through my closets and drawers, pulling out all that I knew I would never (or should never) wear again, bagging up my charity... and yet I can't bring myself to put them in my car and drive them to a donation box.  Slappity, slap-slap, Meghan!  Get it together, sister!

Here's the good news: That is all about to change!

I am one of the lucky ones that have off the entire week after Christmas.  This brings me almost as much joy as the holiday itself (okay, maybe more). 

So I will be using this healthy chunk of time to do the following:

* I will be adding (hopefully) another 3-4 bags of donated clothes to the previously mentioned bags.  This is in addition to the 3-4 bags of Liam and Bren's clothes that I am handing down and/or donating.  How do clothes accumulate so fast?  And why SO MUCH!  Why do I need 15 pairs of sweats.  I wear the same damn pair every night anyway. *

* I will also be re-organizing the dreaded basement storage area.  When we moved into this place, we just threw all of our unused junk in the basement/laundry room.  It looks like crap.  AND some of it, we don't.even.need!  Again, serving NO purpose in our house or in our lives.   To Good Will with you, dust collectors!  Go make someone else happy! *

* Cleaning is a top priority of mine.  I like to keep the house "tidy," which essentially means that I straighten-up often (pillows in the right place, tables wiped, etc).  But a thorough cleaning is necessary at this point, especially since I have the time to do it. *

* Thank you cards.  Enough said. *

* Consolidate my recipe collection.  Not only do I have my very own favorite recipes that I will never ever let go of, but I have gathered so many recipes from some awesome blogs: (She's amazing... check her out.  These two ladies rock it out.  And her posts make me drool.)  With all the inspiration, and all the ideas, I have my work cut out for me. *

* I'm also going to craft during the break.  This is another inspired hobby that I plan on exploring!  And I'm really excited about it!!!  I plan on documenting my steps during some of my adventures, and starting to post DIY's.  So many awesome DIY blogs out there, and I want to jump on that bandwagon!  I have pointed her out before, and she is relevant here too.  Total genius! *

* Lastly, and most importantly, I plan on spending every bit of my time with my sidekick, Liam!  It's been a while since we had a solid few days off together.  I'm looking forward to all the kisses and hugs and high-fives that will surely fill up our days.  He's amazing! *  

* I REALLY REALLY wish my hub was going to have this time off with us, but alas, he will be slaving away in corporate America.  Yay, Capitalism!  I miss him, dearly. *

All of this adds up to something.  Something bigger than getting rid of clothes and arranging my recipe cards ever-so methodically.  All of this is in an effort to de-clutter my life.  Clutter is so symptomatic.  It is the result of stress- a visual reminder/representation of anxiety.  And it's time to change all of that.  It's time to return to peace. 


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