16 December 2010

Someone's Coming

Little girl- huddled-
Hugging herself tight.
Waiting for someone to tell her
Everything’s alright.
Keeping her eyes open,
Staring at the light
Under the doorway.

All alone, in silence
She fears the worst;
She has been forgotten.
She did not come first.
She wipes her own tears now.
She believes she is a curse
In an ugly world.

So she stays in her bedroom, crying quietly.
She spins ‘round and ‘round.
Looking for solace in old pictures-
But there is nothing to be found.
A pile of wrecked memories
Scattered about the ground.
So quiet,            she gasps
At the sound
Of footsteps.

Someone's coming...

** This poem was recently published in George Mason University's literary magazine, Volition (2011)


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