09 December 2010


What is it about me that is
so bad, so terrible,
so unbearable,
that you would so suddenly
and easily
dismiss me?

What is it about my weaknesses
that make my strengths forgettable?
How can you possibly see me
for only my negative qualities?
Especially you.

I am a mix of good and bad…
just like every other person
living and breathing
on this earth.

When I am bad, I am very very bad,
but when I am good, I am lovely.
Does that not count for any
part of my character?

What do I have to be for you to love me?
What do I have to do for you to be able to handle me?
Shut up?

There you are… pointing your finger at me.

Do you think you’re flawless?
Do you think that I don’t have my own grievances
about you?

I promise you, I do.
But I love you.
I love you for the whole package-
flaws and all.

So in the end,
I realize...
This IS about love

(or at least it should be).

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