13 December 2010

What Matters

Time- spent with my husband and my son; spent with my family and friends; spent in solitude and silence.

Space- for Liam to grow and play and dance and create; for Brendon and I to connect and count our blessings; for the newness we have yet to uncover.

Blankets- to cuddle in; to keep warm; to build forts and castles; to dream.

Pictures- to take; to reflect; to commemorate; to remember; to pass on.

Water- to stay healthy and hydrated; to take bubble baths; to rejuvenate; to splash and swim... and float.

To stay involved and engaged with those whom I love, admire and appreciate.

To read; to learn; to generate; to keep moving; to teach.

To pay it forward; to listen and advise; to smile and frown; to laugh and cry.

To keep my heart and ears open and my shoulder available, free of charge.

To ask for help when I need it; to teach Liam to do the same.

To lead by example and follow graciously.

To put love and kindness in the fore-front of my daily motives.

To love my husband, and allow him to treat me well.

To hug my father.

To honor my mom and my dad by being the best version of myself that I can possibly be.

To accept myself; to lower my expectations.

To be gentle.


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