22 February 2012

Note to Self

Give yourself a BIG BEAR HUG!!! 
 That's right!  Just like when you were little and all your friends giggled because it looked like you were kissing yourself.  Little did you know (way back when) that it is perfectly acceptable to give yourself a little LOVE!

 As important as outward kindness is, the same is true for practicing love toward yourself! 

Self-love, (yes, even that kind), is Healthy with a capital H.  

There are times when you need your own love and kindness more than you need it from anyone else.  There are times when the most important reminder you can give yourself is to "Be Gentle."  

Be gentle with your emotions and feelings, be gentle with your thoughts and ideas, be gentle with how you move through the day(s)... Be patient with yourself.

.... in bed .... ;)

 This ends up having an outward effect; yes, in fact, the attitude that you adopt toward yourself will ultimately radiate in waves to those you have regular contact with.  But it begins and ends with you... the "self."  

It is so easy to forget, to overlook, to sacrifice, our "selves" to tend to external obligations, including relationships.  It is so easy to get caught up in "life" and skip over the part where your own needs are being met.  

But let's face it.... no one is going to meet your needs for you without your own participation!  You need to involve yourself in your own LIFE!!
Next time you are looking for solace or reassurance, maybe before or after you have confided in loved ones, make it a point to be still with yourself and fill the voids with love.   

You have to start somewhere with this whole self-love business.   

One way or another, you're going to have to face yourself.  One way or another, you're going to have to begin to love and respect yourself enough that you settle for nothing else from anyone else.  

If nothing else, try looking in the mirror, and as awkward as you may think you look, just smile.  And smile BIG!



Let's all treat ourselves to some affection from time to time. 

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