29 February 2012

Beauty is in the Heart of the Owner

You know what is absolutely beautiful to me: difference; wisdom; love; openness; compassion.

None of these things can be seen and they are not attributed to any physical features.  

These insights are learned and come from experience.  They cannot be injected into your brow, and they cannot be obtained by whitening your teeth.

Ladies!!!  Throw out these notions.  Reject what media sources and money makers want you to think about "beauty."

Beauty is something much more potent, but way less obvious:

Empathy; kindness; tenderness; optimism, humility--  these are the fibers of "beauty."

They are the wrinkles woven into spirits and souls.  Not skin.
These beautiful traits manifest themselves by blessing outwardly, and [as if by magic (or karma)] are sooner or later returned to the giver ten fold.  

This post was inspired by my good friend Brianna (the amazing woman below), who, earlier today, shared a little nugget of wisdom (second picture below).  

Bri happens to simultaneously be outwardly beautiful AND possess the aforementioned qualities that demonstrate true beauty.  

Definitely a marvelous human indeed.

Shout out: Thanks Bri, for always being totally beautiful!  Love you!

Kindly and with HOPE~


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