28 February 2012

Angel in the Clouds

I have to share this!!  Although it's a shame I didn't have my actual camera on me for this one; I wish I did.  

Last Friday, after a long and exhausting week, this is what I saw on my way home: 

The pictures hardly do it justice.  

I was taking them with my blackberry camera which, again, doesn't have a FLASH!  Don't get me started... 

It was absolutely beautiful, as the sun was setting with fiery oranges and royal purples and midnight blues, this HUGE cloud was painted in front of my eyes.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing... I actually teared up a little bit. Okay, okay... I'm a crier anyway.  

It still gives me goosebumps to look at it.

I remember taking it as a signifying visual; one of comfort and joy, comfort and joy.  It made me feel that despite all of the stress and chaos in my life and around me, there is still peace to be found in quiet moments and there is still a reason to believe in the power of miracles, and wonder, and magic!!! 

While some may tell me I'm nuts for thinking this (they're right, but that's beside the point), and while some might have a different perception of this apparition in the sky... I am going to go the route of faith and say:  It was my angel, one of them, at least.

Kindly and with WONDER~



  1. totally your angel!!! i love that you recognize stuff like that:)
    p.s. Im gonna try not to comment on every post I read of yours... try, being the operative word:)


Thank you for taking the time to read this little blog. Comments make me feel appreciated. And who doesn't like that? ;)

Kindly- Meghan

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