23 February 2012

Father and Son

Last night, after putting down my baby boy (Collin), I happened to come downstairs at the perfect moment:  

I saw my husband and my oldest son (Liam) in the sweetest embrace.  

Such a tender moment between father and son; such a nice change from the usual wrestling and running and "I can burp louder than you!!!!"  

Being the opportunist that I am (at least in photographic terms), I snapped a picture with my Blackberry camera (whyyyy doesn't it have a flashhhh!!!) and was instantly taken back to Liam's baby days.  In particular, I was reminded of a picture I took at the hospital only days after Liam was born.  

What I love about these two pictures is that even though time has elapsed, there is an obvious and undeniable bond between these two special boys.  It brings me endless joy to be witness to their love.

Thanks for listening to me gush!



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