30 September 2010

you make me better

I’m taking back my rightful right
as a person on this Earth.
You cannot bind me from my choice;
you will not steal my worth.

I’m stripping down to flesh and bone,
revealing my raw self.
You cannot make me hide what is mine;
you cannot steal my Self---

Self- worth, love, expression. Self- honor;
these are mine to represent.
Self- acceptance, respect, grace. Free Will;
these are all mine to defend.

I’m standing up for what I know
to be true in my own heart.
You cannot break my spirit now;
you will not pick me apart.

Beat me, push me, knock me down; I will withstand.
Slap me, punch me, shoot me dead; I will rise again
from my heartbreak, from your wretchedness.
Freedom from the shackles
you have pinned against me,
I can break through chains.

I have found a way to free my Self;
I’m taking back control.
You may think you’ve got the best of me,
but I still have my soul.

Do you?

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