30 September 2010

you bitch!

Dear dark side,
Why are you so dark?
Why are you so hard to see through?
Why must you be so fucking scary?

The pitch-blackness is off-putting.
Be more transparent,

Dear bright side,
You're no better.
You are just as blinding.
It hurts their eyes, your fakeness.

The glare is dreadfully intense.
Tone it down,
k, thanks.

Why not green
or perhaps purple.
Or orange;
deep and bright
and perfectly unique.

No extremes,
no black or white
Not even gray.
Bleh, who likes gray anyway?

Dear You-
Be bold and beautiful
and fearlessly vibrant.

Dear dark side,
Dear light side-
you are both
hereby dismissed.

** This poem was recently published in George Mason University's literary magazine, Volition (2010).

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