30 September 2010

Dear both of you

When I look at you, there is nothing that could take away the way my heart flutters. There's nothing that even comes close. I look at you and think, "Oh, Thank You!"

I will never betray you. I never want you to feel as though you aren't important to me. I want to always assure and reassure you that there is nothing that can divide the two of us; nothing that could make me even think to forsake you. I would bleed myself completely bone-dry, until I withered away trying to honor you.

I will always be here for you, regardless of your mistakes. I will always keep in mind my shortcomings, and always remember that I have a past as well. I will live by the creed that through hard times come the most profound opportunities to learn, and through the haze of failure comes a rainbow, full of teachable moments and new horizons. I will be there to support you as you endure these inevitable stages of life.

I will not lie to you: I will not invite you to lean on me, only to move when you do. I will always follow through with my promises and solemn vows, regardless of circumstance, regardless of other people. You and I will have our very own relationship, not contingent upon the other people in our separate lives. Just me and you.

I will not belittle you, but instead, I will encourage you to explore your own reasons, your own convictions, and praise you through your processes of enlightenment and discovery.

I can't even imagine the depths of my love for you- it's too far-reaching for me to even touch. My love for you is totally endless, limitless, beyond the level of comprehension.

This is my unmistakable, unshakable promise to you: I'm all yours, now and always.

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Kindly- Meghan

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