01 September 2009

Just a Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I saw you
In a car-window's reflection,
But you did not see me.
Your hair was at its best
-curly and wild-
As it shone in the morning light.
Your lips were slathered in their typical tone,
Just as glossy as I’d remembered.
-I smiled-
I couldn’t believe how beautiful you looked.
You wore your favorite sunglasses,
The ones you no longer have
-but oh well-
Easily replaced.
You just stood at your car,
Calculating your next move,
Wracking the endless check-list in your brain.
It was as if you had no idea how gorgeous you were
-Like no one had ever told you-
We both know that’s not the case.
It was as if you had no concept of yourself,
Or the space you stood in.
When I saw you, it nearly took my breath away
-A reaction I was not expecting-
You just looked so, different,
So, changed,
So, poised.
When I saw you, it nearly took my breath away
-Until I woke up and I realized-
You were me.
I was you.

Oh Well.

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