04 September 2009


I want to live in a tee-pee.
With no bells, no whistles,
no pressure to upgrade my blinds, or to buy with extravagance.

I'll wash my clothes by hand,
and I'll hunt and gather.
I want to get back to basics and avoid excessiveness;
cherish nature and purity rather than gadgets and fluff.

I want realness and simplicity.
With no strings attached, no catches involved,
no judgment on the type of cell phone I have, or how often I use it.

I'll drive a golf cart, or maybe a bumper car-
I'm sure I could build one myself.
I want to be my own insurance, my own doctor;
heal problems with answers rather than silly run around's.

I want to smell the freshness of breezes.
No chemicals, no artificial fragrances,
no need for $7.00 bottles of Fe-breeze, or glade plug-in's that only last a week.

I'll light my beach estate with a bonfire;
I'll start making it at dusk.
And lanterns too.
And I'll crochet blankets to snuggle up
with my son, as we tell our own stories, and talk about goodness.

I want to sleep under the stars,
with the waves crashing 30 feet away from my homemade pillow.
No sirens blaring, no endless car alarms sounding,
nothing to wake me but the suns morning return.

I'll grow my own tomatoes and corn.
And herbs of every variety.
A full garden.
I'll use kitchen utensils made from scratch,
including a Molcajete for guacamole and salsa.
Who needs a food processor, anyway?

I want to deliberately step back-
away from wastefulness.
Redo the idea of an "essential element."
Get back to basics,
appreciate authenticity and independence,
and find myself wanting a treat,
as opposed to needing a trick.

I just want to be full.
I just want to be.

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