10 September 2009

A Favorite Song: Extraordinary Machine

Lyrics and talent: Fiona Apple

I certainly haven't been shopping for any new shoes,
I certainly haven't been spreading myself around.
I still only travel by foot,
And by foot it's a slow climb,
But I'm good at being uncomfortable
So I can't stop changing all the time.

I notice that my opponent is always on the go,
Won't go slow, so's not to focus
And I notice,
He'll hitch a ride with any guide
As long as they go fast from whence he came,
But he's no good at being uncomfortable
So he can't stop being exactly the same.

If there was a better way to go, then it would find me.
I can't help that the road just rose up behind me.
Be kind to me
Or treat me mean.
I'll make the most of it;
I'm an Extraordinary Machine.

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