16 February 2011

wise soul

I love to think of the many adventures Liam will live through, and what these adventures will eventually lead him to love and do and be and dream.  I love to think about what an amazing person he is and will continually become as he gets older.

I sing him a song, just mine to him, called Little Mister Liam.  It is to the tune of Jimmy Buffett's Little Miss Magic.  Of course, I have changed some words and personalized it for him.  It is a special song I have been singing him since he was a teeny tiny baby.

It starts out:  "Constantly amazed by the blades of the fan on the ceiling."  (Bubba hears his name in there, and thinks the words are "Constant Liam mazed..." Silly kid!)

My version ends with "Little Mister Liam, what ya gonna be?" 

Yesterday, after singing him this song on the way home, I thought I would ask what he wanted to be when he grew up, when he was big like mommy and daddy.  I figured he would give a typical kid answer... Mickey Mouse or Special Agent Oso (his newest idol).  Don't ask me why I would think he would respond with a typical kid answer... he's far from that.

So I said: "Bubba, what do you think you would like to be when you grow up?"

And to my amazement, he thinks hard for a couple seconds before looking at me and saying: "I want to be Liam."

What a beautiful answer!!  And he was dead.serious.

I swear my kid is wise beyond his years.  Over and over, he amazes me with some of the things that fly out of his mouth.

Once again, in this moment, I found myself overtaken by gratitude.  And crying.  Yes, crying.   

Yeah, yeah... Cut me some slack... my hormones are under siege.


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