02 February 2011

Just Call Me "Preghan"

 Brendon, Liam and I are happy to announce that we are expecting a new bundle of poop, puke, JOY in mid-September.  

As of today, I am 8-weeks along, feeling great (yeah... I said great), and ready to start this beautiful journey all over again. 

Hard to tell, but I promise it says "Pregnant"

Liam is THRILLED as well.

{A little story to back-up that assertion}:

When I went to pick him up from daycare last night, the teacher came up and said "Is there a congratulations in order?" 

A very perplexed me turned beet red and asked why she was asking.  "Oh, well Liam has been telling each of the teachers separately today that 'my mommy has a baby in her belly,' and once we all realized that he had told more than just one of us, we figured it must be true," she says. 

Um, thanks Liam!!  :)  He couldn't help himself... he just HAD to spill the beans!

He does make it very, very clear though that I am only allowed to have a girl.  He desperately wants a little sister, and desperately does NOT want a little brother.  HA!!  Let's hope I can live up to his expectations!  :)

So yeah... giddy-up!  And be prepared to hear ALL about this pregnancy.  
I am quite the extrovert. 

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