19 May 2011

Taking Shape

Welp, I promised myself I would not make a pregnancy album on Facebook... I'm too old for that crap.  
But that doesn't mean I can't post a belly pic here and there.  Especially while I am still "relatively small."  
Let me keep telling myself that for now...

Without further ado...
I know you're just DYING to see my giant, round, fleshy stomach...

This is what "5-months pregnant" looks like on me.  
Can I just stay this size until I give birth... without sacrificing my child's health?  NO!?  Damn.....

Also, pardon the messy house-wife hair, PJ's and odd hand-on-boob effect.  
Just focus on the belly, would ya!!


  1. You are SO SO SO cute. I love your 5 month baby belly. You look very in shape! Love your little blog, so glad I stumbled on it!

    Adventures of Newlyweds

  2. wow you're looking so fabulous! wish i could look the same if i'm ever gonna be pregnant!


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