27 April 2011

Baby gender woes

Waiting to find out if we will be welcoming a little boy or girl in October is driving.me.nuts.  I am having a heck of a time practicing the patience I frequently preach.

I do gender predictors (charts AND quizzes) weekly.  Okay, so maybe I do them daily.  
I look at old wives tales for clues as to what sex the baby might be. 
I compare this pregnancy to my first, looking for differences or similarities.
I am CONSTANTLY wondering.  
And all this wondering is getting old, really.  I mean... can we please just find out already so I can start shopping!?

So in another effort to fulfill my yearning to know what we are having, I thought I would turn to my loyal blog-follower's/reader's/fan's/stalker's. 
Below are my pregnancy symptoms, followed by a simple, survey: Boy or Girl.  You can leave a comment with a guess/prediction if you want to, OR you can click on the survey.  OR both!!  :)


  • Horrible morning sickness throughout first trimester
  • Weight loss as a consequence of that sickness
  • Craving: Sweets, citrus, sour
  • Carrying low and wide (though hardly apparent at all)
  • COLD feet (literally)
  • HIGHLY emotional (in a sentimental way... crying, blubbering, sobbing, etc).
  • Mood-swings are at a minimum (thank GOSH--- this was a problem when I was pregnant with Liam)
  • Skin problems that I have never had before (breaking out)

So... whatcha think??  Care to humor my gender predicting obsession!!

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