25 August 2009


While the clash between my wits and my carcass evolves,
I pause to dwell on the sensation of gratitude
That I feel pulsing through my conked-out-body-
An insight of immense appreciation for you,
And for your positively priceless presence in my life.

I liberate a tear from my exhausted eye.
It trickles down my face.
I attempt to detain it with my tongue-
Prevent it from tapping your shoulder-
Deter it from unveiling my sentiment-
I refuse it from exposing me.

Another drops,
Hitting every piece of peach fuzz on my Rosie Reds
As it makes its way slowly to my lips.
It tastes like joy!
It tastes like "thank you" and undreamed of miracles.

You embrace my arm and proclaim to me your undying love
Once more before
We drift to a place where reality has no voice.

Another tear- warm and comforting-
I aver my mutual adoration for you.
Once again, I can't help but sample the flavor
That you have inspired my eye to concoct:
The sweet taste of reverence,
The salty sense of lust,
The sour tang of missing you in slumber.

Morning cannot come too soon.
While we lay here,
And as we sleep
Please know my soul is yours to keep,
Until we meet again
On the other side of the moon.

Oh, what would I do without you?

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